New "Google for Advertisers" site has launched

Monday, April 27, 2009 | 11:35 AM

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We're excited to announce the launch of Google for Advertisers. Google for Advertisers is a place where we've brought together information about the broad range of our marketing solutions -- and where you can explore and discover the combination of tools that best meet your clients' objectives.

Here are four ways to dive in and get the most from the site:

  1. Read up on our various media platforms. This site gives straightforward descriptions of each of Google's platforms (like search, TV, the Content Network or mobile) and all of the supporting tools. You'll learn how to reach your clients' audiences in relevant and useful ways across devices, locations and languages.
  2. Take a ride on 'The Marketing Cycle.' We put Google solutions in the context of how they can be applied across all the stages of building an effective advertising campaign -- ways to sculpt your strategy, creative development, media deployment, measurement and optimization -- which together help you better plan clients' campaigns that make an impact and deliver strong ROI.
  3. Stick it to a marketing objective. Explore a [very fictional] marketing example that illustrates how Google tools could come together to solve for a particular goal. We hope it inspires you, and offers a chuckle or two.
  4. Build your personal 'toolkit.' As you browse the site and find Google tools that pique your interest, you can add them to your online toolkit. This way you can easily hone in on the solutions that are right for your clients and share them with your colleagues.
We invite you to have a look around and afterward, we welcome your feedback.