Adopt a Mantra of Agile Creativity

Friday, May 4, 2012 | 9:34 AM

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Speed and flexibility are key for agencies to gain an edge in the next decade of digital. By borrowing a page from the tech industry playbook, agencies can get even faster, smarter, and more efficient. Welcome to the age of Agile Creativity.

To get the conversation started about Agile Creativity in the industry, we're hosting a panel at One Club's Creative Week in New York City. Google Managing Director Torrence Boone will be chatting with Rei Inamoto (CCO, AKQA), Greg Andersen (CEO, BBH NYC), and Michael Lebowitz (CEO & Founder, Big Spaceship) about how they've adopted an agile mantra and are seeing it successfully at work in their agencies.

We are collaborating with industry experts to bring you agile best practices that you can apply in your own agencies. Stay tuned and click here to get an email notification when the full "Agile Creativity" content is published. 

Posted by Andrea Galambos, Marketing Manager, Agency - New York