Build Brands with YouTube and Google

Friday, May 4, 2012 | 9:29 AM

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YouTube is home to some of the most creative, daring and talented content producers in the world. There’s something for every person and passion, which translates to hours of viewing pleasure -- 3 billion hours a month, in fact -- all at the push of the play button.

The power of play isn’t just about compelling, on-demand entertainment, however. It’s also about precision, generating word-of-mouth, and business impact.

As of today, there’s a new way to leverage the power of play -- the updated Advertise on YouTube Brand Channel. Think of it as a single destination for all of YouTube’s brand building resources. On the “Build Your Brand” tab, you can check out featured channels, the latest market insights, and find inspiration for what’s possible on YouTube and the web.

Our most recent research videos can be found here as well, including highlights from our just-announced Generation V research project, a multidimensional study of Men 18-34 and Women 25-49. You can watch and listen to consumers discuss their changing media habits and how on-demand platforms like YouTube are becoming the preferred viewing model. Plus, discover what people in other demographics are watching by viewing the videos from the Google Presents YouTube Brandcast event - all of which are posted on the channel.

Popular YouTube partners like DC Shoes and Blendtec have joined us to highlight the power of play in building brands.

We invite you to subscribe, and come back to our channel weekly to check out new videos from partners like Tony Hawk’s RIDE Channel and the Spangler Effect as they demonstrate what play can mean for your business. And if you’re interested in staying up-to-date on all the latest YouTube news and advertiser trends, also be sure to subscribe to our YouTube for Marketers Google+ page.

Posted by David Mogensen, YouTube Product Marketing Manager, recently watched TippEx Hunter and Bear’s 2012 birthday party