Art, Copy & Code: Delivering Beauty at scale

Wednesday, June 12, 2013 | 12:00 AM

Earlier this year, we kicked off the Art, Copy & Code project, a series of partnerships with innovative brand marketers and creatives, to explore how modern tools and storytelling techniques are re-imagining advertising. The first project was a Google+ enabled social app for sharing drives, created with Volkswagen, Deutsch LA and Grow. It explores how brands can build relationships with consumers beyond just traditional ad formats. For our next project, we’ve partnered with Burberry to re-imagine how brands can deliver beautiful, emotional experiences across different devices and screens, while reaching a key audience -- millennial consumers. The goal was to accomplish this through the lens of beauty products, while still delivering a luxury experience in a digital environment.

Today we’re unveiling Burberry Kisses; it lets you send a kiss (a digital imprint of your real kiss) with a personal message to a loved one anywhere in the world, from any device. You can read about how the experience works on our Google blog, or watch this video below.

Built using HTML5, the Kisses experience is delivered across display ads, web and mobile. Modern browser technologies, like WebGL, CSS3, 3D transforms and WebP, allowed us to build a rich experience without compromising performance or requiring custom plugins, or apps. These same open web technologies are allowing brands to deliver magical creative experiences at scale, in a true “build once, run everywhere” fashion.

The Kisses experience will be available via a lightbox ad, meaning Burberry can reach millennials on the web at scale via a standard 300x250 display ad footprint, but engage them with the full screen Kisses experience with the ad’s expanded state (which opens up after a two-second hover). This the first time we’re using HTML5, WebGL, and dynamic creative in a lightbox ad, showing the creative possibilities within a large canvas. The same experience is optimized for smartphones and tablets, and delivered via mobile rich media ads. It will also soon be featured on Burberry’s YouTube channel.

A kiss seemed like a natural focus for this project because it is one of the most iconic symbols of human interaction.  By creating a personal-yet-shareable experience that appeals to millennials, it builds a connection to the Burberry brand, without feeling like a traditional ad. Burberry will also install this digital experience in its flagship stores so consumers have the same interaction with their brand everywhere, further blurring the line between physical and digital worlds.

To add a personal touch to the interaction, we’ve used dynamic image processing, based on location, that adds unique details to everyone’s experience. For example, as you see your message journey to its destination across a 3D landscape, we added more realism by reflecting dynamic StreetView images into puddles on a city street; local landmarks identify important street names to further bring the experience to life. We're excited about the potential of technologies like this to help unlock of an age of beautiful, emotive digital advertising. This campaign is aimed at showing what that might look like. Today, brands have an amazing opportunity to connect with their audience in ways they will love, remember and share, on any device. We will continue to push the creative boundaries with more such partnerships. Until then, pucker up and send a kiss to someone you love, and share it, like this one I sent to my mom

Lastly, if you’re visiting the Cannes Lions festival next week, please join us for fireside chat on Friday, June 21 at 4:15pm local time, between Christopher Bailey, Chief Creative Officer of Burberry and Lorraine Twohill, Google’s VP of Global Marketing. For more on Art, Copy & Code, please visit our website

Aman Govil
Team Lead, Art, Copy & Code project