Google Content Network performance whitepaper

Tuesday, April 21, 2009 | 4:13 PM

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The Google Content Network can extend the reach of your clients' campaigns to targeted sites across the Web and can be used to drive brand awareness and deliver results for direct response campaigns. But just how effective is the Content Network when looking at cost-per-acquisition (CPA)?

We set out to answer this question—and others about the performance of the Content Network—in our white paper, CPA Performance Trends on the Google Content Network. After examining the performance of Search Network and Content Network campaigns for more than 25,000 accounts globally, we found that the median advertiser showing their ads on both networks has a CPA that's about 2% lower on the Content Network than on search pages. Furthermore, we found that the Content Network delivers nearly 20% of their total conversions.

The full white paper explores these findings in more detail, as well as the positive impact on conversion rates we found from using tools such as the Conversion Optimizer and site exclusion. If using the Content Network hasn't been part of your strategy for building a strong CPA for your clients, we hope this paper will help shed some light on the reasons to take advantage of it.