Google Content Network targeting tools - Introducing the Wonder wheel

Friday, May 29, 2009 | 11:35 AM

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Earlier this month we launched Google Search Options, a new collection of tools that lets you slice and dice your results. Within Search Options you'll find the Wonder wheel, which visually presents connections between related searches and your search term as an interactive diagram. We've discovered that the Wonder wheel can be a powerful tool for building contextually targeted content campaigns.

One particularly useful application of the tool is to identify new ad group themes for content campaigns. Since your ads are matched to publisher pages at the ad group level, creating different ad group themes helps you target your ads more precisely on the Google content network.

In the example below we use the Wonder wheel to help us create a content campaign selling yoga mats. A number of themes are suggested which could become new campaigns, including yoga mats, exercise mats, and pilates.

Although the Wonder wheel suggestions are a great guide, you know your clients' products and services best. If a logical ad group theme is missing from tool suggestions, add it. If the tool suggests themes that don't make sense, don't add them.

The next step in the content campaign creation process is to add your keywords. Use the Keyword Tool to help generate keywords. Input your new ad group theme into the Keyword Tool, click 'Get Ideas' and then sort by "Approx Avg Search Volume" to refine the list to those with the most search traffic. There isn't a recommended length for your keyword list - it should be long enough to convey the theme but short enough to avoid unnecessary keywords.

The next step is to add bids and location settings. While we're not guaranteeing that ad groups generated through the Wonder wheel tool will improve your campaign performance, we do think that it is a great starting point. We hope that you find the Wonder wheel as exciting as we do in helping create your contextually targeted campaigns!

For more details on Wonder wheel, see it in action on the Official Google Channel.