Providing a safer display ad buying experience

Friday, August 20, 2010 | 12:08 PM

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This week featured a Q&A with Scott Spencer, Group Product Manager, DoubleClick Ad Exchange, and Jason Miller, Group Product Manager, Google Display Network on the display media space and how Google is providing advertisers a brand safe experience on the Google Display Network. Here’s an excerpt of what they shared:

What are you investing in as it relates to providing a brand safe experience for advertisers across the Google Display Network?

Jason Miller: On the Google Display Network, we genuinely believe that marketers and agencies get access to the most brand-friendly network out there.

It’s important to emphasize that Google's technological expertise is in doing two things very well: first, crawling and analyzing content at great scale (as a search engine that’s Google’s core competency) - and second, targeting ads precisely at massive scale. We’ve applied this to the Display Network for quite some time.

We broadly invest in 4 areas to ensure brand safety:

First, strict policies. We don’t permit sites with content that violates our program policies.

Second, technology. Several layers of review - before admission to the network, the precise time of ad serving, and continuous automatic scanning - uphold our program policies. We do real-time blocking of ads if the page violates policy. We do this at massive scale and at a page/URL level - not just a site level.

Third, transparency. We offer domain - and, importantly, URL - level reporting. This provides deep insight into the sites and pages where our clients’ ads were served, on-demand. Major advertisers regularly get a report that shows what their ads looked like in the context of a given page.

Finally, advertiser controls. We give advertisers a robust set of controls to closely manage their ad delivery across the GDN, including hand-picked bundles of sites (such as the Ad Planner 1000) or individual sites, an above the fold filter, specific site and category exclusions.

Recently, we signed up to the standards and practices under the IAB’s Networks and Exchanges Quality Assurance Guidelines.

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