YouTube’s TrueView video ads deliver more than 18 years of video each day

Sunday, October 30, 2011 | 9:01 PM

Whether it’s do-it-yourself spider napkin rings for Halloween or tips on planting an edible garden, HGTV provides ideas and entertainment to people passionate about home improvement. When promoting the next season of Selling New York, it made sense that HGTV try out YouTube TrueView video ads to reach the right audience - paying only when a viewer has chosen to watch its ad.

More brands like HGTV are using TrueView ads to reach engaged viewers than ever before. Last year, we predicted that 50 percent of all online display advertising campaigns would include a cost-per-view video ad by the year 2015. One year later, it’s looking like it wasn’t such a crazy prediction. TrueView video ads have become one of our fastest growing YouTube ad formats, with 50 percent of all in-stream ads now being skippable - a 4X increase since February.

TrueView in-stream now delivers more than 18 years of video each day for advertisers - that’s a lot of interested viewers. You can see what one looks like here.

Viewer’s choice
With TrueView video ads, we’re focused on developing an ecosystem that benefits everyone - partners, advertisers, and viewers. TrueView ads give viewers choice and control over which ads they want to see and when. From research conducted with market research firm Ipsos, only 2 percent of viewers surveyed preferred ads they watch from start to finish without the option of skipping. In fact, 9 in 10 survey participants felt that TrueView in-stream ads lead to a more enjoyable YouTube experience.

For advertisers, TrueView combines the brand engagement of video with the precision of online advertising. We are seeing view rates - or the percentage of viewers who choose to watch an advertiser’s message - hold steady at 15-45 percent. And, similar to search ads, campaigns can be easily controlled and managed with Google AdWords for video.

Viewer choice has translated into real benefits for our YouTube partners, helping partners such as The Onion, Michelle Phan, Machinima, and Howcast, make more money from their content. On average, TrueView in-stream ads reduce audience drop-off by 40 percent when compared to regular pre-roll ads.

Expanding TrueView
Today, we’re unveiling more ways viewers, advertisers, and partners can benefit from TrueView. We’re now working with publishers on the Google Display Network to run TrueView in-stream ads within their own video content.

We will also bring two existing formats to TrueView - YouTube Promoted Videos and Google Click-to-Play, beginning November 17. With this change, cost-per-view ads will span YouTube,, and the Google Display Network.

TrueView in-stream video ad shown on a video clip on The Hollywood Reporter

Who’s getting results from TrueView?
Back to HGTV - by reaching the right audience on YouTube with creative ad content, HGTV achieved a 45 percent view rate for their TrueView in-stream ads, meaning that 45 out of every 100 people chose to watch their ad. Hear more about how HGTV used TrueView in this video:

Political marketers have also been early adopters of TrueView in-stream video ads, testing a wide range of creatives to understand which messages resonate with which audiences. Communications firm Harris Media has used TrueView ads for US Senate candidate Ted Cruz (Texas) and Florida Governor Rick Scott. The New Media Firm built awareness for the New Jersey Education Association and Senate Bill 2718 with TrueView ads.

Advertisers and agencies including HP, Lionsgate, Morpheus Media, O2, HISTORYTM, and Vodafone have all used TrueView to reach their marketing objectives, from launching a product to increasing brand awareness.

To learn more about our TrueView family of ad formats, visit here or watch this introductory video.

Posted by Baljeet Singh, Senior Product Manager at YouTube